Friends of OPS

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     We want everyone to be a part of this great adventure we are living, so we have dedicated this page to those of you that have been so supportive of us and what we are trying to accomplish. You may not realize it, but by purchasing a t-shirt, you help us buy the equipment and also help with the expenses of helping others and giving of our time and efforts, free of charge, to those that might need our service.
           We want you to send us a picture of yourself in your OPS T-shirt. Now you can do this any way you would like but we have added a slight twist to the order in which they will appear on our page. We want to see you in your OPS shirt with somebody famous, or in front of some famous landmark. We would also like to see you in maybe a different state, heck, maybe even a different country. We also would love to see you out in front of some well known haunted location in your OPS gear, but above all, if you are captured in your OPS shirt with a "full bodied apparition," you move to the top of the page, probably the very front home page. Anyway, get out there in your OPS Gear and have fun with the camera, make our team say, "wow, you've got to see this one!" As always thanks for believing and thank you sincerely for your continued support. For information on getting your own OPS shirt, please email us at .

Jeremiah Mcpherson at Auburn University, War Eagle!

Lyndsey in front of Braves Stadium

Roxy--Future Ghosthunter

A shark thinks Danielle looks "tasty" in her pink OPS shirt at Panama city.

Jennifer in her OPS shirt at Fort Morgan In Gulf Shores Alabama

Megan in her OPS shirt at Angelo's Steak Pit in Panama City Beach Florida

Ryder -- The future generation of ghost hunting

Karen and her family supporting their favorite Ghost Chasers

2 new OPS fans we met at a local haunted attraction for Halloween 2007

Larry in his OPS Gear at the Texas Motor Speedway Nascar Nextel Cup Chase Race.

Logan reading an article about OPS.

Pierre and Aimee at Sloss Furnaces

Tina showing off the lastest OPS t-shirt, April 2008!!

David with Riley in Summerdale at the pool in his OPS shirt!!

Michael in Oxford sporting the lastest OPS gear!!

Brock Walker, the future of Ghost Hunters.

Allison in her OPS shirt at Disney World's Haunted Mansion.

Marlie Hall (future President and CEO of OPS)!!

Russell in front of the Church Hill Tunnel in Richmond VA

The Gordon family of Oxford Alabama

Brian Wilson in Bagram, Afghanistan

Abby from Heflin in her OPS t-shirt

Cody with the OPS Team at Bald Rock Lodge on Mt. Cheaha

Anna in her OPS t-shirt in New York City- June 2009