Application For Joining OPS

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     We wish to thank you for your interest in joining The Oxford Paranormal Society, (OPS). We are always searching for new members that can bring excitement and a passion to the group. Those individuals that are willing to search for answers which are considered paranormal or cannot be explained. There are many different positions within our group and all are considered an important piece to the group's function and survival.
     Please take the time to fill out an application for OPS. Make sure to include any specific skills or talents you might have to bring to our group at the end of the form (example-web design, investigation skills, artistic skills....).  Even if we are unable to use you at this time, we will keep the application on file and refer back to it when new members are needed. Please read the application carefully and fill out all required fields and provide photo. Also, remember to return to this page and update any information as it changes.
     Thanks again for considering The OPS Team. We hope to hear from you soon.

The application is avaliable in 2 different formats.  Choose the program you would like to use and download it below.

Works  Click Here

Word Pad  Click Here

After you have opened it up on your computer and filled it out, make sure you save the changes you have made then email it back to as an attached file along with a recent picture of yourself.  If you are having trouble please contact me for help at and I will be glad to call you and talk you thru it.