Alabama Folklore

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Myths, Urban Legends and Mysteries still unknown!!


 We all know the stories that make up many of the urban legends and myths we have grown up with. Maybe your town has a haunted library or courthouse, maybe there is a spooky house or bridge somewhere on the edge of town or noises or shadows that can be heard or seen at certain times of the day or night but cannot be explained. While these stories give us a bit of excitement and fear wrapped together tightly, we have begun to investigate these myths or legends. While we would like to investigate each and every claim from each site, we are limited due to many of these places being privately owned. Our hopes are to find if there is any truth to these stories or if these are just tales used to scare those that might be easily frightened. We will post our findings here for you to view and decide for yourself.


Note: Each site will be visited multiple times to ensure all reports or claims have been thoroughly tested. OPS does not guarantee any of these reports or claims to be true or false. All information pertaining to each location listed below has either been retold to us by individuals or we have researched that location on the internet and provided that information here.
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Hill Elementary School

Cemetery Mountain

The Foundry

Hell's Gate Bridge

Munford Cemetery

Bethlehem Methodist Church

Conn Cemetery

Memory Hill Cemetery

Fort Morgan

Anniston High School

Stringfellow Memorial Hospital

The Victoria

Former Blockbuster Building

Parker Memorial Church

Jacksonville Tunnel

Hudson House

Munford Gravity Hill

Camp Cottaquilla